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Port to Plate

Port to Plate Seafood Cookbook (Softcover)

Port to Plate Seafood Cookbook (Softcover)

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Showcasing NSW sustainable seafood species, Port to Plate Seafood Cookbook is one of kind and to be celebrated. Seafood lovers, foodies, and art lovers, there is something for everyone to enjoy! 

  • 40+ delicious recipes created by local chefs, community members and generational families.
  • Scan the QR code to visit the website.
  • Original illustrations by our community's talented local artists.
  • Photography illustrating our local wonders.

With over 40+ delicious recipes created by local chefs and generational families and local community members, the Port to Plate Cookbook distils that knowledge into one beautiful, approachable, easy-to-use cookbook.

This book has been structured into three sections for you, highlighting our local seafood starting with our finfish species, followed by crustaceans and lastly to our molluscs.

In each section, we have introduced the species and offered a little bit of local knowledge to assist you. Behind each species introduced, the chefs have created recipes for you to cook at home.

Whether you are looking for a quick weeknight dinner, or to wow your dinner party guests, the Port to Plate Cookbook will give you the knowledge to prepare our local Port Stephens seafood with confidence.

Read our chef's tasting notes highlighted throughout the cookbook. Be inspired, scan the QR code, and join the chef in his kitchen. Watch how he prepares your recipe step by step and plates it to impress.

This first edition printing will become a collector's item, with comprehensive step-by-step photos, beautiful artwork by local artists, and essential techniques for preparing the specific species found in Port Stephens. Beautiful photography of every species and dish, complements the detailed information on our Port Stephens species so you’ll know what to look for at the fishmonger.

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