-from port to plate-

Magnificent fresh local & sustainable seafood industry, vibrant food culture and creative industries.

The Port to Plate Cookbook is unique!   A collaboration that brought together our Port Stephens community and industry to showcase what's local.  Learn about the intricacies of Port Stephens surrounding waterways and estuaries, the seafood species available and how best to cook them. 


Let's take you on a journey, from port to plate!

With 40+ delicious recipes created by local chefs, community members and generational families.

Tune in to chefs, with a step by step guide on how to simply cook with seafoods.

Learn first hand about our local species from our producers and oysters farmers, view live footage.

Original illustrations by our talented artists.

Photography illustrating our local wonders!

Seafood lovers, foodies, cooks and art lovers, there is something in this cookbook for everyone to enjoy!

Make Mother's Day memorable this May!

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